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Perfected. Handcrafted. Smokeable. 

The Smokin' Screw is the premium way to get that extra edge out of your favorite product. With its patented vortex design, the screw creates a swirling column of air and fire that releases the oils of every last bit of leaf. Have the perfect smoke, every time.


USA and International patents pending.    WO2017/180197


Stainless steel melting temperature of 2700 deg F.  MSDS available upon request.


Smokin' Screws spiral design brings in just the right amount of air to achieve the "Goldilocks" temperature. Not too hot an ember temperature or too cold. That means less residue for you, and your pipe.

Some experimentation with packing density is required to find the "right" burn temperature for our technology in your device.

Rave Reviews.
— Shop owner
Zero drag, zero cleanup
— JOHN, Smoking Enthusiast

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